Examiner Express


What IS Examiner Express?

Examiner Express is a computer-assisted system for the scoring and analysis of paper-and-pencil quizzes, tests, and assessments.  With Examiner Express you can create an answer key in a few minutes, score a classroom of 30 students in under two minutes, and instantly review the results.  For a quick summary of how it does it, click here.  Or, click on "Quirky Documentation" in the menu at the left to download the product documentation.

Examiner Express is based on our full-featured item banking, delivery, and analysis program, The Examiner.  For Examiner Express the assessment scoring, record keeping, and analysis tools have been optimized for use with the innovative line of Chattsworth Data Corporation OMR scanners. 

The target of this exercise was to create an easy-to-use and innexpensive system that teachers, trainers, and certification agencies could use.

We succeeded.  For under $700 you can create a portable testing system that does everything you need to go from creating an answer key to analyzing completed assessment results.

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